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Swan to O-Dub

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I started last season with the motivation needed to have a successful year. I would wake up at 7am just so I could be the first person out on the water to feel my board run across the sickest butter of the day. Unfortunately, my 2011 season was cut short while learning Switch Heel 540s. On July 3rd, I had a bad fall and ended up injuring my ankle. At first, doctors weren’t sure what was wrong, saying that it was broken, that it was a bad sprain, and then finally, realizing that I had partially torn tendons.

 With most of my 2011 Summer gone to waste, I realized that I needed to make up for lost time and I came to realize that going to Florida would be the only way that I could regain some time. Prior to leaving, I trained all the time, trying to help my body regain the strength it needed to achieve the goals that I had set for my self.

I’m in Orlando now and I’ve been riding boat twice a day and riding cable every day. I felt like my riding had a rusty start, but that’s what I expected after my injury last season. Lately though, my riding has been getting better and better, as my ankle was able to rebuild to full strength.

For the last month, I’ve been by myself, but I’ve met up with many other Canadian riders at the park. Recently, Jess Polley has arrived here in Florida along with Ryan Karklin. Its great! We are able to push each other to progress faster!

The boat at O-Dub is an Air Nautique 230 that’s weighted to the max and the wake is BUMPING. Along with the sick wake and my great coach, Nick Kamper, I have been able to start crossing tricks off my list including that Switch Heel 540 that took me out last season! Haha! I have to say that one felt good.

As for cable riding, it has been great. OWC is my favorite cable park, but don’t get me wrong, I love Adrenaline Adventures, but I wasn’t able to ride there much because of my injury. OWC has some of the most unique rails and loftiest kickers I have ever hit. My favorites are the Henshaw rail, a dream with never ending possibilities and the Reversed Nico rail. With these innovations being brought into cables around the world, I think it will help drive the sport new levels. The new XL kicker from Unit Parktech allows solid hitting with people landing massive spins like 1080’s and double flips.

Since I have been here I have seen four people land double flips (three of them being Canadian) and one 1080. Personally, I think these moves alone show some serious change in the level of riders.

Also, since I have been here, I have seen the qualifiers for Wake the Line, and it was crazy with people coming from all over just for the chance to gain a wild card for the event. They were throwing down tricks that I didn’t even know existed!

I truly enjoy OWC because every pro-rider, or grom that rides here, helps push the sport and motivate you in every way possible. Lastly, all the possibilities and all of the aspects of wakeboarding are endless here at OWC.

What really helps me push my riding in Florida is the fact that I know I have my family backing me up in Swan Lake. I couldn’t have asked for anything more because this has been such a great opportunity for me. I appreciate everything that everyone is doing to help push me while I’m down south training, and want to Thank You all!

 Thanks for taking the time to read my article!


-See you on the water this summer!



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